Curriculum vitae

Married – Living in Annecy(74)
35years old – Drive Licence

Employment history

Since 2011           IT Manager
  • Constant improvement of the infrastructure (virtualized) and of the security
  • Control and cost cutting
  • Conception and deployment of the new projects to fit the needs of customers
  • Helpdesk to the customers (international) + internal users
  • Management of the material choices, licenses, and the suppliers
  • Collaboration with the external developers and the IT administrators of the customers
  • Respect of the quality standards ISO 9001
2008-2011           Network and system administrator
  • Installation and maintenance server/system (Active directory, Citrix, Fox Pro)
  • Installation and network monitoring (2 SDSL lines on Zywall USG)
  • Helpdesk to the customers (international) + internal users
  • Management of the backups / archives
  • Management of the material choices, licenses, and the suppliers
2007-2008           IT technician
  • Deployment of a system of computerized vote + helpdesk users
  • Deployment with Ghosts + to configure Lotus Notes on 200 laptops.
  • Helpdesk to the users with their new laptops
2002-2006           IT technician
  • Maintenance systems and networks
  • Maintenance network printers
  • Helpdesk to users (students and administrative personnel staff)
  • Installation and maintenance of the user’s computers

Technical Skills & Knowledge

Software Users: Office Pack, Thunderbird, Google Services, Symantec System Recovery…
Software Servers: System Center Management, Active Directory, NTbackup, Dns, Citrix XenApp, RDS, Veeam
Operating System: Windows 2000Pro, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 | Linux: Debian, Ubuntu | Windows NT Server, 2000, 2003, 2008R2, 2012R2 | Windows Core
Database: MySQL, Oracle 11G (F), FoxPro
Web Server: Apache, IIS
Virtualization: Vmware (2F), Hyper-v(F), Hyper-v Core | Virtual Pc
Language: Powershell, Html + (Php & Css), Bat, SQL(F)
Network: Router, iSCSI, Firewall, Dual Wan, Dns, Zywall, VLan, DHCP, Wifi, Nas, TCP/IP, IPV4.
Hardware: Raid, Sas, Nas (Synology), San Dell MD3200 Scsi
Graphics: Photoshop, Première, The Gimp
Mobile: Android, Windows Mobile… iOs

Education and trainings

2015                      Remote Desktop Services sous Windows 2012 R2
2014                      Administration Oracle 11G
2013                      Oracle SQL
2012                      Citrix XenApp 6
2011                      Hyper-V + System Center Management
2011                      VMWare VSphere: Manage & Design for Security
2011                      VMWare VSphere: Install, Configure & Manage

2007-2008           Network professional license (Bachelor’s degree) (CNAM)
2006                      Two-year technical degree on training: IT management, option network

Skills summary

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 Pro, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 | Linux: Debian, Ubuntu | Windows NT Server, 2000, 2003, 2008R2, 2012R2
  • Softwares and servers services: System Center Essentiel (Hyper-v), Active Directory, NTbackup, DNS, Citrix XenApp, RDS, Veeam
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle 11G, FoxPro
  • Web server: Apache, IIS
  • Virtualization: VMWare, Hyper-V, Hyper-V Core
  • Languages: HTML, PHP
  • Scripting:  PowerShell, BAT/CMD Windows, Shell Linux
  • Network: Router (Zyxell, dd-wrt), iSCSI, Firewall, Dual WAN, DNS, Zywall, VLAN, DHCP, Wifi, TCP/IP, IPV4.
  • Hardware: RAID, SAS, NAS (Synology), SAN Dell MD3200 SCSI, PCs, servers.
  • Mobile Operating system: Android, Windows Mobile, iOS
  • Users softwares: Office Pack, Thunderbird, Google Services, Symantec System Recovery, Visio…

Others skills

English: speaking on phone, writing, technical vocabulary
Dynamic, proactive, passionate, autonomous, involved, leadership.

Projects done (list non exhaustive)

  • Implementation of a disaster recovery plan for all the Hyper-v infrastructure
  • Migration of twelve hosts to a virtualization system on Hyper-V standalone (P2V)
  • Implementation of High Availability Service (Windows Cluster) for all Vms with a SAN
  • Migration of the published application system: Citrix to Remote Desktop Services (Microsoft)
  • Installing and configuring high availability with a dual WAN router on a Zywall

Points of interests

IT, Cinema and tv shows (Sci-Fi, comedy, animation) ; Travels (UK, Spain, Deutchland, Italy, US, Pakistan, Maroco) ; sports (snowboard, ski, VTT) ; music (rock, classic) ; video-games (strategy and reflexion).


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